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Welcome to Fanaka Memorial Secondary School

FANAKA Memorial Secondary School was founded in 2004. FANAKA offers students Pre-Form One through Form Four classes. Students have the opportunity to study science subjects such as Chemistry and Physics or arts subjects including; bookkeeping and commerce in addition to the standard syllabus. FANAKA is dedicated to hiring quality teachers to serve our children.


The arts are vital to reaching the fullness of human experience and achieving a well-rounded education.


Our commitment to the humanities can be observed at every level of its curriculum, culture and operations.


The school prepares students for the challenging and rapidly changing information technology.


We receive students from all schools; from both Swahili and English medium schools.

Student Transfer

The school receives students from other schools. Admission is done only after following all procedures.


A good leader is not born but made. In Fanaka Memorial , students are trained to be good leaders for future.

Fanaka Memorial Opportunities

Our school empowers students to address critical human needs through education, in the process transforming students, advancing the school’s educational mission, and providing meaningful assistance to our communities.

At Fanaka, knowledge of today's world is bounded not by disciplines, but by the limits of human curiosity. Fanaka students collaborate frequently across specialties, and students learn both in class and through real world experiences(study tours) to approach questions through multiple perspectives.

Graduates will enter an environment that equips them to grasp the multiple dimensions of complex problems such as environmental pollution, economic competitiveness, human health and cultural understanding.

  • Why you should choose ?
  • Diverse students to learn and grow with.
  • Safe, clean and loving learning environment.
  • Library with over 6,000 books including Tanzanian syllabus books.
  • Music program with brass instruments, keyboards and drums.
  • Annual Form III study tour to Mikumi National Park.
  • Academic clubs including; Sociology, Debate, Environment and Music.

Our Opportunities

At Fanaka, opportunities to make the most of your education can seem limitless. Whether you're interested in learning information and communication technology, business subjects, science subjects, sports and games or you just want to find out how to renew your personal skills, we've got the all you need.